**** Cool and Trendy Hotel

**** Cool and Trendy Hotel

Let us accommodate you in our new cool and trendy hotel. Situated just off Wenceslas Square, this is a brand new hotel opening in March 2012. All rooms are en-suite and furnished to a 4* standard. Rooms will be shared with a maximum of 8 to a room. For extra you can have rooms with a maximum of 4 or even 2 to a room. Please ask about our upgrade options. Hotels have traditionally been a place to sleep, some great, some indifferent and some we’d rather forget. But traditions get old, it’s time to evolve. We think hotels are a place to BE. A place to be cool, a place to be happy, a place to be comfortable and most importantly a place to be with other great people like you. Things get even cooler in our lounges, at the carousel bar where you\'ll be sipping on a cocktail to some funky tunes as you revolve around the lounge, or in our many play spaces where you can meet up, chat and play with other cool people like yourself. Grab a \"bite\" at the soup-bar or just chill in one of the other bars and restaurants.

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