Prague Police Stag Arrest

Prague Police Stag Arrest

Enjoy excitement and fear of "police arrest". Your group will be stopped by 2 “policemen” with "police car", and stag will be "arrested.

The reason of the "arrest might be adjusted to your needs, but usually "some problem with ID" works fine. Stag will be asked to show his ID and due to some problem with his ID will be "searched", „hand-cuffed“ and taken to the „police car“ and „police station“ for clarification . We will move your group to a club where will be a stripper prepared in a private room. After while "police" will bring the „hand-cuffed“ and „blindfolded stag“ to the club, hotel room or a private area where your group will be waiting in a silence with a beautiful stripper and champagne... the stripper will give him sweet relief – a gorgeous and a hot strip show!

Conditions („stag arrest“):

  1. Please make sure all others are informed about the joke.
  2. Please make sure one of his good friends will accompany stag with „police“ guys for the way (by car) to the „police station“ (private hall in the club etc.). The person who accompany stag will ask the „police guys“ if would be possible to accompany him (Stag) to the „police station“ and they will agree.
  3. Please notice there is the right of you (your friends) as well as „police guys“ to inform him (stag) all is just a joke and he is just going for the show tailored by you at any time.
  4. Please make sure and confirm stag is healthy without any cardiac problems.
  5. Please notice you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form on pick up. It would be sufficient to have it signed from your stag only, but in such case he might be suspicious. We may suggest to avoid his suspicion in case every member of the group will sign the form without any hassle.

How long does it take?

1 hour

What's included?

Minimum number of participants

1 person